The Only Way to View LA: Skyspace

OUE Skyspace LA Skyslide HS

While living in Los Angeles, I always wondered what was the highest place in downtown where I could view all of Los Angeles. New York City has its Empire State Building. Paris has its Eiffel Tower. Dubai has Burj Khalifa. And now Los Angeles gets OUE Skyspace, LA’s tallest open-air observation deck and the premiere destination for panoramic, 360-degree views of Los Angeles. It’s located at the 69th and 70th floors for the U.S. Bank Tower.

There are two observation decks, friendly for all ages. The operating hours for the OUE Skyspace LA observation deck are 9am – 11pm, 365 days a year.  They also offer interactive technology:

“The Digital Interactive Level will feature a variety of elements for our guests to enjoy our dynamic technology experience. The 360-degree Digital Topography Wall of Los Angeles will have information on landmarks, neighborhoods, and other points of interest. From the Infinity Mirror that creates reflections upon reflections, to the Silhouette Wall which uses pixels to create reflective images based on body movement, these exhibits specifically designed for OUE Skyspace LA make for a dynamic experience to be enjoyed again and again.” – OUE Skyspace

Perhaps you’re an adrenaline junkie who’d like to experience the Skyslide, a 45-foot glass chute nearly 1,000 feet above street level.

To have access, you’ll have to purchase tickets online.

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