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Let’s talk about work place, and your physical work space. How does space, and technology support your behavior while you are completing your tasks. The workplace is changing, not just the cubicle heights, but the culture of the office as a whole. Our lifestyles are coming to a common intersection, the question of how to balance work, and personal life. Or is work becoming more of a lifestyle. Are people choosing to work a career that is chosen because of a passion? We are the generation of ever changing, instant gratification, and brand culture. There is a thriving force behind a group of people that have a vision to showcase their talents, and potential through their own creativity with a real purpose to create.

Los Angeles has a reputation of idealists who come here to set up their strategies in hopes to improve their everyday work experience. New (and old) organizations are recruiting talent with the intention to better express the brands purpose so they can truly thrive in this ever changing market.

The global economy has never been this accessible. The reality of that is the competition, in order to keep a dynamic, well rounded team , employee engagement is required. Your people need to know their purpose, what are they doing to better the organization? And what are you doing to make them WANT to do better?

Picture walking into the corporate headquarters of Adidas. I imagine black and white, sleek, polished, urban, and appealing. How does a company consistently earn the trust of world class athletes as their main consumer? The company has to produce innovative products that enhance the experience of the user. The additional personal ingredient – the designers meet with their clients- the athletes- and listen to their feedback, and are constantly observing what they can do to improve the product.

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Four¬†years ago Adidas was seeking talent to revitalize the iconic three-stripes with a fresh approach, the definite branding was there, but the public consumers were not. It was bringing on new leaders to reshape the company’s image without interrupting the solidity of Adidas itself. They brought on a design force that had a vision for the campaigns, and really challenged the employees to jump on board with innovative ideas, and essentially rewrite the energy of the brand culture.

By the end of 2012, Adidas reported the highest revenues ever and Chief Executive Herbert Hainer expresses optimism for the year ahead. Their revenues are continually multiplying, and the consumers are growing globally.

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Adidas would not have been as successful if the workspaces for the employees who  transformed the company were full of distractions, and were uninspiring- how can you expect the creativity to flow? Naturally people are inclined to seek out what is novel and new, it seems to be irresistible. Workspace is lifestyle space, work is a lifestyle. This is a great example of the power of inspired work places. Researchers say that purpose or meaning is one of the key components of employee engagement. Implementing culture change at a company will help build transparency, collaboration and trust. Adidas proves the example when employee engagement is healthy, performance of your team generate customer satisfaction, organization, and higher productivity which all result in an overall revenue increase.

The co-founder of Whole Foods states ” People want more than to just earn a living. They want meaning, they want purpose, they want to feel like their work is making a difference in the world.”

What is your employee lifestyle? Whether you are a designer, or a CEO, take the time to evaluate your purpose. Is your objective clear? Do your people see that their contributions are meaningful? Is the purpose inspirational, and for the leaders, is it safe to challenge the status quo?